My Name Is Jean Francois, I will be your guide.

Welcome to ATELIER 7 SENSES, I have been an artist all my life, and always needed to express myself with exploring the world and my inner self. I invite you to join me to share your gifts and exchange with others the precious moments that our life give us.  Whatever your inclination is for, we guaranty you to expand the many facets you have, from doing art to any sensorial activities you may want to experience with. We are creatures of communications and the best way to be at it is to engage into a creative activities with others. We offer personal development programs, corporate workshops and also simply entertaining activities. You will paint, sculpt, do pottery, wine tasting, make cheese, chocolates, perfumes, musical instruments and many more, we venture in discovering and surprising ourselves, the great thing about it is, you can be a total novice!

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Apprentice make perfect!

After taking our 7 Senses workshops you perhaps will discover the desire to join us to spread the word and carry on our franchise to your own area, we will give you the support to join our family and develop a lucrative and playful way to earn your living. From Apprentice, guest artist, virtuoso to Guide you will be animating your own 7 senses workshops in your own settings.